• What we do

    We bridge the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. Through our mentors, networks, and strategic partners, we are able to combine the key ingredients that make a startup great. We actively manage projects (mostly in stealth mode) for the following trusts:

    Fintex Ventures

    Disrupting #fintech

    P2P capital | Crowdfunding | Blockchain

    LegalX Ventures

    Leaders in #legaltech

    Marketplaces | Analytics | Crowdsourcing

  • INVESTMENT Philosophy

    crowdedspace facilitates early stage investment and development in technology startups that are backed by a great team.and have the potential to disrupt traditional sectors by utilizing technology that offer a better.user experience or a more efficient resource allocation.

    1) distruptive projects

    We target projects that aim to shift the way things have been done because they have always been done so. Traditional markets that are resistant to change make them vulnerable to disruption. They are our sweet spot!

    2) connecting users directly

    We see the potential of the crowd in a free market environment. Marketplaces or technologies that facilitate direct transactions between users offer scaleability and high-growth potential.

    3) replacing inefficient processes

    New technologies allow startups to fill the gap for larger players by doing things better or cheaper using technology. Data analytics and machine learning can replace processes that are archaic, expensive and tedious.

    4) backed by a great team

    Any startup is only as good as the team behind it. We assist early stage ventures by building a team with them and offering mentoring and support wherever we can add value.